© 2017, Peter Baracchi

“Ein Wal, der in der Badewanne aufgewachsen ist,
muss denken, das Meer habe Wände.”

6 ½ im Exil

Friday, September 7 through Saturday, September 22
Hermetschloostrasse 77, 8048 Zurich


there is no green pigment in green eyes, 2018
various sizes
wood, eco-eddings

"Greenwashing" is not a new phenomenon within our society, but only one of many variations of whitewashing, which has been used for over 50 years to give a company a more environmentally friendly image in public.

Formerly referred to as "ecopornography", greenwashing is now taking on a whole new meaning. Since we are now regularly confronted with heat waves and periods of drought in Central Europe as well, more and more companies are beginning to specialise in spraying dried up lawns and hedges with a juicy green for their customers.
But brownish hedges and lawns are by no means the only thing that is painted green. In Switzerland, for example, high-voltage pylons are often coloured green after completion so that they integrate better into their natural surroundings.

This is where Peter Baracchi comes in and pushes the new "Greenwashing" with his performative installation to the extreme by getting himself a huge tree in a forest nearby Zurich and peeling it neatly - only to "renaturalize" it again by hand with green eco-eddings afterwards. This seemingly absurd Sisyphus work satirises current methods in the PR industry and also shows how short-sighted, clumsy and hypocritical the majority of problem-solving approaches are within our "modern" society.